An Incredible Australian Sporting Moment

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An Incredible Australian Sporting Moment

Post by Fraser »

Last night was a very memorable night in the AFL, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen in all my years following sport so I thought I would share with you all.

For a bit of context. Lance "Buddy" Franklin is preparing to score his 1000th career goal, first player to reach the milestone in 26 years, and with changes in the modern game many consider him to be the last person who will ever hit the milestone. He has already kicked 3 goals this game, and is lining up for his 4th and 1000th career goal.

And then the below happened. Even 7 years later after moving here, I still have these surprising moments of the differences here in Australia. Because I can't help but think "this would never happen in North America" anyways enjoy
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Re: An Incredible Australian Sporting Moment

Post by Matthew »

That's really cool. Imagine if this could happen when ovi beats gretzkys goal record. Would be one of the most memorable moments in nhl history. But it won't because NA vs Aussie. Cool you got to see that.
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Re: An Incredible Australian Sporting Moment

Post by KapG »

Very awesome! Sports are so great

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